Laboratory Analysis


Laboratory Analysis

Analysis from hospitals, manufacturing facilities & industrial plants for Microbiological analysis of food:

Total plate / bacterial count

Total Enterobacteriaceae count

Total coliform count

Total E.coli count

Detection & identification of the following bacteria:

1. E.coli strain 0157

2. Staphylococcus aureus

3. Salmonella Typhi

4. Listeria monocytogens

5. Yersinia

6. Yeast and mold

Chemical & Microbiological analysis of water (Potable water, Swimming pools & Jacuzzi):

Determination of chlorine level

Detection of suspended particles / dust

Detection of fecal contamination

Detection and enumeration of the following:

1. Total plate count of bacteria

2. Total Enterobacteriaceae

3. Total coliform

4. E.Coli

5. Legionella Pneumophilia

Microbiological, Chemical & Physical analysis of alcoholic beverages:

Determination of Total plate count

Detection of pathogenic bacteria or fungi

Detection of spoilage yeast

Detection of Methanol

Detection of higher & converted alcohols

HPLC analysis and identification of adulteration

Medical screening tests for personnel:

1. Hand swabs

2. Throat swabs

3. Determination of total plate count in urine and stool & detection of pathogenic bacteria

4. Sputum analysis for TB detection

5. Blood analysis for Hepatitis A, B and C

Environment monitoring ” Outdoor air & Indoor EQ”

1. Outdoor air emission

2. Indoor air swabs

3. Detection of suspended particles

4. Noise measurements

5. Indoor work environment

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